Food... the staple of every human being on the face of the earth is not something that everyone in the world has access to. Third world people in countries like Uganda, where the average income is only about $1,800 per year do not always have the means to purchase seeds, fertilizer and equipment to mass produce food. Imagine you, your spouse or your children eating only once a day - every day. Hunger pangs would set in. Children would cry, but not know why. Stomachs would be distended and the signs of undernourishment would be evident. But, most of us typically get or have access to foods with the appropriate trace elements and vitamins necessary to sustain a healthy life and lifestyle. Ugandan men, women and children do not, and are faced with poor nourishment every single day of their lives. In fact, studies have shown that life spans are substantially shorter and people get sicker when they do not eat well, or often enough. Tower of Hope uses a substantial amount of its funding to not only feed Ugandan people, but we spend an enormous amount of effort teaching them HOW to feed themselves. Programs are underway that provide education and guidance relating to techniques to increase crop production. Tower of Hope visits many Ugandan villages bringing the knowledge necessary for men and women to feed their families. BUT, we're sorry to say, it's not enough. Our funds only go so far. And it is very, very expensive to import food, seeds and equipment in to the country. In fact the cost to import may actually exceed the cost of the food! Quite simply, in Uganda many people go without food. In most advanced countries many people spend more money on their pets in just one month than what it would take to feed a small family in Uganda. But, don't get us wrong, we are not suggesting people ignore their animals that often serve as companions. We're making the point that these are human beings that want very much to take care of themselves, but due to circumstances, cannot. They at least deserve a chance to feed themselves with the hope they will be able to do it over the long term. The contributions sent to the Tower of Hope are being used to provide the necessities to thousands of people to start small agricultural businesses or simply grow food for themselves, their relatives and neighbors in their villages. The money you contribute will help this hard working, peace loving people extend their lives in a meaningful way.