Living Faith Medical Centre – Jokolera


Today 19/September/2018 Tower of Hope International Ministries and Precious Kids Foundation conducted an evangelical medical clinic camp at Mutundwe, located 7 miles from the capital city-Kampala.  Because of your support, 350 people were treated and the gospel was preached. Thanks for your support. 

Please, reach out to Tower of Hope if you would like to make a donation. Your small donation goes a long way to show people who are forgotten that, there is someone who cares.  Always remember, your life will be fulfilled if you decide to serve others.  Try this, guarantee you, it works.  I have seen my life blossom in all areas, just because, I direct my effort towards relieving the plight of people living in poverty.  We thank pastors Steven Sheba, Godfrey Wasswa, and Richard Sewanonda and many others for the great service.